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National Health Insurance (NHI) for International Students

What is the NHI?

The NNHIational Health Insurance is compulsory medical insurance program run by the Taiwan government which ensures tat every resident has access to quality and affordable medical care. NHI enrolment is mandatory for all citizens and foreign residents, including foreign students who are enrolled in a full-time program at a Taiwan university (after a waiting period of 6 months). With over 92 percent of clinics and hospitals contracted to NHI, patients have a wide choice of doctors or hospitals to choose from. Exchange students who are not covered by NHI, still have access to all NHI health care facilities, but have to check with their insurance companies which expenses will be covered.

Who can apply?

International Students staying in Taiwan for at least 6 months and holding valid Residence Certificates (ARC) are eligible to apply the NHI insurance card and receive benefits from the insurance (cf. National Health Law Article 9 Item 1)

How much is the NHI fee?

The NHI fee for students is NTD 826 per month and will be collected every six months (NTD 4,956). It is included in the tuition fee payments at the beginning of each semester. Students are insured for the whole academic year, including summer and winter vacations. You have to continue paying insurance fees during spring or summer vacation, even if you are not staying in Taiwan during that time. Emergency medical bills paid outside of Taiwan are covered during these periods as long as proper medical certificates and receipts are presented.
Students who refuse to join the program will be fined between NT3,000 to NT15,000. Before the fine is paid, NHI will not cover any medical expenses even applicants have paid the NHI fees in the meantime (cf. National Health Law, Article 88).

How to pay the NHI fee?

You will be eligible to join the NHI program after a waiting period of six months. With the beginning of the  2nd semester, the NHI fees will be included in the tuition fee bill which can paid online, at the post office, or at convenient stores. When your status changes, e.g. if you graduate, drop out, or take Leave of Absence from Taiwan Tech, or if you have a part-time job outside the campus, please don’t forget to notify us by email oia@mail.ntust.edu.tw under the subject line ”Change of status: NHI insurance” to avoid unnecessary payments. 

How to apply for a NHI card?

1) Please write an email to oia@mail.ntust.edu.tw, with the subject line ”Apply for NHI Card”, and attach the following documents:

a) Front and back page of Residence Certificate (ARC)

b) Personal photo (same format as the one on ARC)

c) Receipt of tuition fees (to show that NHI fee is paid)

2) OIA will submit application to the NHI system. It takes about 7-10 working days to receive a NHI card.

3) OIA will notify applicants by email as soon as we receive the card from the NHI. You may pick up the card during office hours of the OIA.

4) If you find any typos on the NHI card (Name, ARC Number or Birth Date), please bring relevant documents with the card to the OIA so that we can ask for correction.  

What is covered under NHI program?
The comprehensive coverage includes both inpatient and outpatient care, prescription drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, dental services and home nursing care.

The insured person needs to pay a share of the fees for each medical visit, i.e. a registration fee and other fees as required by the clinic or hospitals. Except these fees, an insured person is entitled to receive NHI benefits offered by Taiwan Government. Please check the NHI Website for details. If you receive medical treatments abroad, you may apply for reimbursements of such medical expenses with proper receipts & medical certificates. Reimbursements are made in accordance with the fee schedules published by the NHI.

Am I covered by other medical insurance before receiving an NHI card?

We strongly recommended that you buy an international medical (travel) insurance in your country to cover the period from the departure from your home country until you join the NHI.
You can buy the Cathay Health Insurance Plan for international students after enrollment at Taiwan Tech as part of the registration procedures at OIA. This a medical insurance plan for students offered by the Cathay Health Insurance Company. Taiwan Tech international degree students, students from Mainland China and exchange students can join this insurance scheme. For more details, click here.

More Questions?

For further inquiries, please contact OIA at oia@mail.ntust.edu.tw