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Dual Degree Programs

Taiwan Tech is running Dual Degree Programs with more than 20 partner universities on five continents. Only students, who are currently enrolled in one of our partner universities, are eligible to apply for our Dual Degree Programs.
As a rule, you will first have to find a referee from your home university or from Taiwan Tech, who has to confirm your eligibility as a dual degree student. Your application will not be considered if we do not receive such a statement from your referee. If not stated otherwise, the application is possible in the winter and the spring semester via the NTUST Dual Degree Program Application Portal.
Please check details of the 2022 Admission Procedures  
Important: Dual Degree Programs with Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering 
  • Students from the Czech Technical University in Prague: Please follow application procedures as explained by your home university.
  • Students from other universities: Please consult with advisors from both institutions, i.e. at your home university and at Taiwan Tech. Please contact professors at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering whom you are interested to work with directly. If a professor agrees to be the supervisor for your research project, he/she will send an approval letter so that you can complete your application.
    List of professors at the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering