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Postal Savings Account

To receive payments from NTUST, such as scholarships, you will have to open a Postal Savings account. You will an need ARC Card, and application forms which will be handed over to you in a large envelope* by our OIA staff.
1. If you are not yet holding an ARC Card, you have to go to the National Immigration Agency to apply for it. You are strongly recommended to also apply for an ID Number which is only issued upon request, i.e. by ticking  “Opening an Account” as "Purpose" on the application form. It usually takes 10-14 days to process your ARC Card while the ID Number can be issued right away.
2. To apply for a Postal Savings account at our on-campus Post Office, you have to prepare the following items:
  • Filled out application forms. The forms are included in the envelope which you received form the OIA 
  • NT$ 100 opening deposit fee
  • Your passport
  • Photocopies of your passport and of your ARC Card or the Record of your ID Number.
  • Name stamp / seal – either in English or in Chinese. ​In Taiwan, a name seal or stamp is used in lieu of a signature on official documents. Although you can open a bank account and obtain an ATM-card with your signature omly, there are certain banking services that require a name stamp. If you have your own seal made, please make sure that the name in your seal must be exactly the same as the name printed on the ARC. The nearest place to have a seal made is at the stationary store in the basement of the third student dormitory. It costs around NT$100 (depending on your name’s length).
3. Plase hand over the envelope with the documents to the post office staff. As part of the application process, a photo will be taken taken by the post office staff on the that day. Remember to take a number slip which will tell you when to come back to pick up your ATM card and bank passbook. 
*Please keep this large envelope, as you will have to hand over the application form along with this envelope to the Post Office!