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International Dual Doctoral Degree Scholarships

Intercollegiate International Dual Doctoral Degree Scholarship Program
I. Intercollegiate cooperation units:
  • Ming Chi University of Technology (hereafter referred to as MCUT), Ph.D. Program of Energy and Battery Technology 
  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (hereafter referred to as Taiwan Tech), College of Engineering / College of Applied Sciences
II. Eligibility: 
A. International students who hold master’s degrees or doctoral degrees from universities abroad applying for admission as full-time students to the College of Engineering / College of Applied Science at Taiwan Tech; to the Ph.D. Program of Energy and Battery Technology at MCUT may apply for this program. 
B. Scholarship recipients are not allowed to receive both this scholarship and an NTUST scholarship and any other scholarships (such as those awarded by the Taiwan Government, other government agencies or other organizations) at the same time. As soon as the OIA receives notification from the relevant agency that a student has been awarded an outside scholarship, the student will no longer be eligible to receive this scholarship. 
III. Number of recipients: Two students per year
IV. Student obligations:
A. Students must register on a full-time basis at both MCUT and Taiwan Tech. 
B. Students should fulfill the graduation requirements of both universities and submit TWO dissertations with different topics and content. Details of the research projects will be discussed with and supervised by faculty advisors from both universities.
C. Student course selection should give priority to courses offered at Taiwan Tech. Students will be required to complete credits in accordance with each of the two participating institutions’ relevant regulations. 
D. Student dissertation-related research and laboratory work should give priority to MCUT.
V. Terms of the Scholarship:
A. Scholarship recipients, upon enrollment, will receive a waiver of tuition and fees, including credit-hour fees, for both MCUT and Taiwan Tech. 
B. Scholarship recipients, upon enrollment, will receive a monthly stipend of NTD20,000 from MCUT, for three consecutive years. The fourth year of scholarship will be granted based on an evaluation of the student’s research results and academic performance. 
C. Any of the following situations, upon confirmation by both universities that eligibility for scholarships should be cancelled, will result in the termination by MCUT of all scholarship payments:
- If a student takes leave of absence or is expelled from the university. 
- If a student graduates before the announced deadline.
- If a student violates university regulations. 
VI. When to file an application: In-coming students should file a scholarship application at the same time they submit their application for admission. 
VII. How to apply: To file a scholarship application, please apply on line. 
VIII. Required documents: 
  • Two declarations and authorization
  • One photocopy of the diploma
  • One ORIGINAL transcript of academic records in English OR one true copy of the original.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Recommendation letter
  • TOEFL ITP 500 or its equivalent
  • Research outcome or publications
  • Study plan (500 words)
  • Abstract of master thesis
  • Past employment (option)
For more information, please contact Ms. Weihu Lin