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Guidelines for returning students

Upon returning from the host institution, complete the standard procedure for reporting for arrival as specified by the Office of International Affairs (hereafter “the OIA”).
I.  Submit Required Documents
Participants on exchange shall return to Taiwan within ONE month upon completing their exchange studies.
Within ONE month following the final day of an exchange period as specified on your Letter of Acceptance, the following documents shall be submitted (before July 30 if that period starts from February 1st  to June 30th, for example) as proof of your arrival.
  1. Reporting form: Have your reporting form signed by your department official and the Office of Academic Affairs and submit it to the OIA
  1. One reflection paper of 1,500 English words or above  (in print and electronic forms) and 12 photos (in electronic form) associated with your exchange experience: Use this template to prepare your report and upon finishing the report, upload it through a USB drive onto a computer at the OIA. Your report must be informative in ways that cover your exchange experience in detail. Rejected reports shall be re-written and re-submitted. Please note that once your report and photos are accepted by the OIA, Taiwan Tech reserves the right to publish them on any part of its website and utilize them in exchange program introduction and promotion without having to offer recompense.
  1. Transcript of courses taken at the host institution: Print your transcript from the website of the host institution or ask its administration to send the document to the OIA.
  1. One copy of entry stamp put on your passport
II. Other Requirements
You will be required to assist potential applicants, and without having to obtain your prior consent, the OIA will provide them with your contact information. You will also be required to share your exchange experience at campus sessions organized around exchange program application and help exchange students at Taiwan Tech with orientation on and off-campus.