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Mandarin Courses

Language centre
The NTUST Language Centre on the 2nd floor of the International Building offers basic and advanced Mandarin Chinese Language courses for international students. These courses do not only aim to improve our international students' communication skills in Chinese, but also  aim to enrich their understanding of Chinese society and culture. Special "survival" courses (Basic Oral Chinese) are offered to exchange students who would usually stay at Taiwan Tech for one semester.
If you sign up for Mandarin Classes, you will have to take a mandatory pre-test to assess their level of Chinese. These pre-tests are held during the first week of each semester. Based on the test results, teachers will decide which class will be suitable for you. You have to use an authorization code for enrollment which will be issued by your teacher during the first two weeks of each semester (add & drop period). 
Please check the information provided by NTUST Language center for further information on the Mandarin Chinese Curriculum and on Course Selection Procedures.