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Research grants for NTUST Alumni (Research Scholar Program)

Taiwan Tech wishes to stay connected with its international students beyond their graduation. To further academic collaboation, Taiwan Tech offers grants to international NTUST alumni to return to their alma mater for short-term research stays.
Foreign nationals who have gained their doctoral degree at NTUST and who are currently holding a teaching position in a recognized public or private university abroad, or a research position in a public or private research institute abroad. The fresh graduate international students are not eligible to apply.

The minimum length of the research stay at Taiwan Tech is 15 days, the maximum length is 90 days. 
Applications are possible for a research stay of two weeks (15 days), one month (30 days), or three months (90 days).    

Evaluation Criteria

First-time applications: The applicant should have published at least two articles in SCI/SSCI journals, or prove that two articles were accepted by SCI/SSCI journals. Applicants should be the first authors of the articles.  Articles co-authored with their NTUST thesis advisors will also be accepted. The institutional affiliation listed in the articles should be the institution where the applicant is currently employed.

Repeated applications: The applicant should have published at least two articles in SCI/SSCI journals or prove that two articles were accepted by SCI/SSCI journals within the last five years. Articles that were submitted in previous applications for NTUST research grants will not be accepted. Applicants should be the first authors of the articles or have co-authored the articles with their NTUST thesis advisorsThe institutional affiliation listed in the articles should be the institution where the applicant is currently employed.

  • Transport: The costs for a round-trip airline ticket (economy class) will be reimbursed. Maximum reimbursements: Asia: 25,000 NTD; Americas, Africa, Oceania: 45,000 NTD; Europe: 55,000 NTD. Costs exceeding these amounts have be covered by the applicant.
  • Living allowance/Per diem: 14 days: The Per diems is currently 500 NTD/ per day (subject to change; tax rate 6% ), so the living allowance will be 7,500 NTD for 15 days, 15,000 NTD for 30 days etc. The  exact amount of the living allowance will be calculated according to the applicant’s number of days spent at NTUST.  
  • Accommodation: Applicants may apply for accommodation (individual rooms) in the NTUST International House, if their planned research stay is in July or August. If no rooms are available, applicants will have to arrange for private accommodation outside the NTUST campus. The costs for accommodation have to be borne by the applicant. The room fare at the NTUST International House is currently is 1000 NTD/ day (subject to change)
  • Health Insurance: At the applicant's request, health insurance for the time of your stay at Taiwan Tech will be arranged (via the 2nd Generation Taiwan National Health Insurance Scheme). Insurance fees will be deducted from the living allowance.  
Application Period
If arrangement of on-campus accommodation is needed: Rooms in the NTUST International House are only available in July and August. Applicants must apply two months before their planned stay at Taiwan Tech.
If arrangement of on-campus accommodation is not needed: Submissions are accepted year-round, and the evaluation process is initiated upon the receipt of the application.
Application Procedures
Applicants should provide the following documents (scans/copies, authorization of documents is not required at this stage) to their academic adviser(s) at NTUST who will submit the documents to the Office of International Affairs for evaluation.
  •   Application form Research Scholar Program 
  • Proof of the required journal publications (see "Evaluation Criteria" above)
  • A copy of the NTUST Ph.D. certificate
  • A proof of current employment at an academic institution abroad
If your application is accepted, a Letter of Acceptance will be sent by email which will be needed for the visa application. Please come to the Office of International Affairs (IB 4th floor) of the first and the last day of your stay to arrange procedures. 
Payment Procedures 
Airfare: The airfare will be reimbursed in NTD (in cash) after your arrival. Please provide the ticket receipt and the electronic ticket. Both original boarding passes, have to be mailed to the OIA within one month after your return to your home country return to their home country. 
Living Allowance: The living allowance will be paid in NTD (in cash) at the end of your research stay, i.e. applicants have to prepare sufficient financial means to cover their expenses during thei stay in Taiwan. To receive the payments, the report-for-duty form and the departure form have to be submitted to the OIA, so that the exact amount of the living allowance can be calculated. Following current regulations by the Taiwan Ministry of Finance, 6% tax will be deducted from the overall amount. Bank transfers are also possible, but the fees will have to be borne by the applicant.
Ms. Doris TENG, doristeng@mail.ntust.edu.tw, for cooperation with Asia
Ms. Irene HO, irene72@mail.ntust.edu.tw, for cooperation with Europe